Balenciaga~Thinking of the future

Nicholas Ghesquiere

Balenciaga is a label that was turned, by it's designer Nicholas Ghesquiere, into a full-thriving fashion house at the peek of the fashion division. Each and every season, for years, Balenciaga takes a new turn and unfolds a new layer of fashion that is coutlessly studied by other designers. Nicholas is a cutting- edge fashion designer who's work makes the fashion industry plan their whole year around a seven minute show held twice annually in Paris. The looks within that show guaranteed to be featured on every celebrity and in every editorial for the next six months.
This season was a full turn from last season, Fall's parisian madame was turned into an edgy street girl for the summer. His techy urban collection was a turn of the era, his fabrics were undoubtedly an incredible highlight. What could seem like a gray denim was actually a hand-engineered leather foam, or even a hand loomed hemp weave was lazer cut to be as precise as possible. The Actual show progressed from a street edge to more of a put-together urban. The beginning was an exploration of leather hoodies, neon pops, and textured pants that progressed onto fabulous lazer cut skirts, layered leather dresses cut over sheer chiffon, and porcupine-like skirts that change colors as the girl struts confidently by. His accessories were brilliant, the shoes, made out of a combination of woven fabric and 'play-dough'-like melted leather, cuffed the ankle and lower calf in a warrior stance. And the shadowy makeup with an electric flash of neon in the eye corner was beautiful. The components of this collection are elements that could only be executed by a fashion house like this, but are sure to pop up in collections and stores of many others. Although Balenciaga comes with a steep price-tag these clothes are sure to be seen in pieces all around the city or completely put together on some full throttle girl stepping out. Nicholas Ghesquiere is now, and has been for a while, a renowned fashion god whose creativity cannot even be touched by his competitors. Balenciaga is at the forefront of the industry for fashion and styling because of his true references that are never from an outside source, but always from the soul being of where fashion is going in the new decade. Welcome to the future.

(All photos courtesy of Style.com)

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  1. WOW! He's not only talented, he's cute too...