26 is ancient

It was my brother's 26th birthday this Saturday! He was horrified. My gosh, isn't 26 practically DECAYING. About time to retire and take up things like crocheting and making stew.

Here were our outfits to celebrate in:

Shirt has tiny strands of metallic fibers in it, very beautiful.

My prized DIY Comme des Garcons toes shoes:

Shoes found in a box at a downtown thrift store.
Me(top): plaid button-down(Marc by Marc Jacobs). wool over-size pants (Comme des Garcons for H&M). jacket(vintage). scarf(La Fiorentina). toe shoes(custom)

My brother(bottom): shirt and tie(Jil Sander). cardigan(Calvin Klein). pants(Gamma Player). alpaca coat(Jil Sander). lace-up shoes(vintage)

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  1. I am glad Larry sported his favorite look for his birthday! I know he loves to layer wool.