Christopher Kane Resort 2011

In a season where a designer can choose to play it safe and marketable, Christopher Kane will always push it forward while still remaining wearable and modern. For Resort 2011 cosmic space prints were the show's main focus, presented on t-shirts, dresses, and smooth leather jackets. Billowy chiffon, lightly printed, yolked out of the collar or waistline, giving the look a solar acidic element. Each look was complimented by a superb pair of sandals topped with a fuzzy faux- fur embellishments in light blue, dark red, pink or black. The funny sandals gave the show an outlook of hilarity that is always apparent in this creative young Londoner's collections. No matter the season nor the inspiration, one can always manage to be amazed, as well as confused, over his clothing and vision. Which is why it remains pristinely beautiful and whimsically light, on the runway and in store, every time around.

Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011Christopher Kane Resort 2011


one hundred

(Vintage clutch bag from Seek Vintage, McQueen t-shirt, Matthew Williamson jeans, Marc Jacobs ice-cube ring)


A thought

Hesitation. That feeling when we buy something we really like, expensive or not, and hesitate over where to wear it. We do this maybe to save the piece for a different occasion, or to keep it looking new. I used to be this way, but now I kindof don't realize the point. What if all of our 'special' pieces, the ones we save for pristine occasions, were used in our everyday ensembles? What if someone just took out their, say, Alexander Wang blazer or Manolo Blahnik sandals for a spin around town? What if we wore our favorite once-in-a-while clothes everyday. I guess we can, save the innapropriate Carrie Bradshaw cocktail dress in a park, but if you want, go ahead. It'd be pretty damn fabulous.
(Photos courtesy of Jak & Jil)



This is a piece I made last year, titled 'Dream Box.' It was inspired by Joseph Cornell and the hazy aspects of ones dreams. This is a mixed media box, including both 2-d and 3-d elements, from paper collage to the web of 'floating furniture.'

Thought I would share it with you, to interpret for yourself.



Dancing sets you free

(T-shirt courtesy of RSVP Gallery)


August 1st

Soak in your summer, and your Sunday...


my own

We all have that bag we carry everywhere, it may be vintage or from Barney's, but either way we love it to death. It carries the perfect amount and compliments any outfit you choose, this is mine.
I bought this bag last summer at Gamma Player and have been throwing it over my shoulder ever since, whether to run around town or to go to dinner. I love it because it reminds me of the PS1 bag, but is allot smaller and less of a hassle. Every person should have a piece like this in their closet, something high quality, that they love, and will last wear after wear.



Miu Miu fall/winter 2010/2011



Frida, Jac & Ann: Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Advertising CampaignFrida, Jac & Ann: Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Advertising CampaignFrida, Jac & Ann: Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign

just what she wanted

'Make me wanna die' by the Pretty Reckless.
Lead singer is 17 year-old actress Taylor Momsen, whose recent provocative behavior has caused major contoversy, and through her bad girl image and feisty interviews one could only guess that's exactly what she wanted.
The girl swears more then Mel Gibson and her look resembles Courtney Love twenty years ago, but either way, I kindof dig it. Even with a mouth like that, she was recently named the face of John Galliano's new perfume. Guess her style is too good to pass up.


Please RSVP

Store: RSVP Gallery, 1753 North Damen
Vibe: Cool underground gallery, stocked with stylish items, exquisitely curated like an art exhibition. Pieces stand vibrantly in the minimalist space lit by fluorescent green lights. The cool hipster kids will assist you with your questions or comments.
Merchandise: Rare collectibles and casual pieces pave the way to a modern store where one can buy a t-shirt or a vintage bottle of rose.
Hot Items: Quirky t-shirts of all kinds, sunglasses to reminisce the 80's, Kanye neon sneakers, Comme des Garcons wallets, pop art jewelry, collectable Chanel tattoos, little Japanese toys and pillows.
Soundtrack: think 'Flashing Lights' by Kanye West.
Why I love it: The store is completely unlike any other cookie-cutter concept, selling novelty lifestyle items that dive into the real meaning of luxury and modern design today.
Prices: As every item is unique, so is every price. Most items stand above $50.
Note: Although RSVP is known as a 'men's lifestyle store', mostly everything found there could be completely unisex.
On your way out, pick up a Boxed Water to hydrate, along with your beautiful black and lime green shopping bags filled with goodies.
RSVP Gallery Shoptimex