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Store: RSVP Gallery, 1753 North Damen
Vibe: Cool underground gallery, stocked with stylish items, exquisitely curated like an art exhibition. Pieces stand vibrantly in the minimalist space lit by fluorescent green lights. The cool hipster kids will assist you with your questions or comments.
Merchandise: Rare collectibles and casual pieces pave the way to a modern store where one can buy a t-shirt or a vintage bottle of rose.
Hot Items: Quirky t-shirts of all kinds, sunglasses to reminisce the 80's, Kanye neon sneakers, Comme des Garcons wallets, pop art jewelry, collectable Chanel tattoos, little Japanese toys and pillows.
Soundtrack: think 'Flashing Lights' by Kanye West.
Why I love it: The store is completely unlike any other cookie-cutter concept, selling novelty lifestyle items that dive into the real meaning of luxury and modern design today.
Prices: As every item is unique, so is every price. Most items stand above $50.
Note: Although RSVP is known as a 'men's lifestyle store', mostly everything found there could be completely unisex.
On your way out, pick up a Boxed Water to hydrate, along with your beautiful black and lime green shopping bags filled with goodies.
RSVP Gallery Shoptimex

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  1. Nice post....I love this store and the service is great