Christian Louboutin Men's Fall 2010

Seeing as though I was unaware that Louboutin had an actual men's line, I was rather shocked when I came across their selection for the upcoming Fall season. With a 'parisian circus' theme standing as influence, the design and decorative elements of these men's shoes seem much more progressive then usual...
Christian Louboutin isn't exactly my thing, a little too flashy and tacky, especially after the croud of billionaire rappers and their ex-wives started to frequent the brand. But, nevertheless, these shoes proved to be very cool. I'm rather loving the first lace-up pair on the left with the red and triangular black and white suede, as well as the striped and studded loafers next to them. I'm a gym shoe whore, so a a pair of swarovski studded spiked ones would just be an investment, yeah?
Well, with prices ranging anywhere from $800- $2000, it looks like the only way i will ever be able to purchase them is on final 90% markdown at the Barney's sale next year.

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  1. I love the striped, studded flats!