Spring 2010

One of my top ten~

Lanvin Spring 2010~Paris

Alber Elbaz is a complete genius and a true artist. I love him and his style, and I am in awe of his ability to bring sleepy editors to full perspective when his shows begin. This season Alber did for Lanvin what he has done in the past few seasons, flowey, drapey, airy, unbelievably beautiful pieces . But, like each re-invention of his, it was different. He was thinking about his trips to South America and what he saw in the fashion there, the difference between the old age of fashion and the new. What happened to the times when woman were head to toe elegant, and took the time to be? The answer?... twisty dresses in corals, nude quilted coats, sparkly jumpsuit that were draped effortlessly, and the most miraculous jewelry I have seen recently. All of his pieces begging to be put in editorials, or onto a cool girl that knows who she is and where she's going. I encourage you to look up the full collection, or watch the show on youtube.
Whenever there is a Lanvin show a new energy is awakened in the fashion community and you can feel the excitement of where fashion once was, the love, the style, the color, and the beauty. Alber Elbaz is a true magician and watching his shows makes me drop what I'm doing and watch with undivided attention. I can't wait for summer. Kudos, darling.

(photos courtesy of Style.com)


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