Christopher Kane Spring 2010~disturbed beauty

This collection was so distraught and very odd, but nevertheless mesmerizing and beautiful as always. Christopher Kane, who is both London fashion darling and designer to the hip and elite, meant something different this season. Backstage Kane said his collection was inspired by a documentary he saw about the Jonestown mass suicides in 1978, as well as looking at aspects of the film 'Lolita'. The collection reminded me of the odd, traditional families that inhabited middle America through the 50's (or the ones that went awry). The show's silhouettes brought checkered and plaid dresses with cascading print, odd suiting, perfectly layered sweaters and sheer fabrics, and little girl embroidery. Kane's lineup would look otherwise quite sweet if it wasn't for the slashes, odd tailoring, and unbearable pureness. It was that undertone of ruined innocence that made this collection equally as edgy as it is lovely.

(all photos courtesy of Style.com)

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