~Proenza Schouler Spring 2010~

This collection is so effortlessly cool, I can't help but crave every inch of it. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough of Proenza are two crazy kids that know who they are and who their dressing. Designers have been trying to nail this laid-back cool for a while now in different forms (Alex Wang, Helmut Lang) but never like this. The designers were thinking about surfing and skating, laid back kids, cool in their own way. The result being effortless skirts, looking like a jacket tied around the waist, stunning neon tie dye, beautiful aquarium dresses and cool accessories galore. The guys said they were just designing for, 'the girls they love to hang out with.'.... So simple, so easy, and so summer.
Some of the girls even had streeks of faded die in their hair, something I might try later on..... This collection makes me wish it were summer so I could wear tie dye and die my hair and dance on the beach, but no. It's winter. So, I have to wear black and scarves? not anymore. (Styling photos coming later)

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