PRIDE 2010

As usual, me and the crew worked the Gay Pride Parade, but this year we were IN IT. Us and 50 other kids dancing hysterically down Belmont with flags and rainbow scarves was quite a scene. Oh, yeah, it was for our school too.

Me, Rebecca, Talia, and Maddie.
I almost decided on wearing something nicer from Marc but decided that it was HOT and way too crowded to do so. I went with my American Apparel mini-shorts, a tie-dye t-shirt I made, American Apparel metallic headband and many tacky accessories.
Good thing, because I came home covered in glitter!
It was all worth the two mile walk and overbearing heat because being in the Parade was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Even if there will be MANY more prides to come...
Overall, The whole shabang really came down to the fact that you're perfect, no matter what sexuality.
Happy Pride!
(All photos by Rebecca Lavin)


something to think about


Yesterday was the infamous Gay Pride Parade (full post on that spectacle later) which this year turned 40 years old!
The Parade was its usual spectacle of techno music, glitter, and nakedness among the insane outfits, makeup, shoes, and jewelry all of which were out of this world and beautiful. Unusually, one thing I took in mind most of all happened when we were trying to hail a cab 6 hours of dancing and parading later.
We were on the curb when a man and a women walked by us, Talia pointed out that they had traded clothes. As you could imagine, this wasn't very surprising at Pride, but when i looked I was pleasantly surprised. They looked... really cool.
The women rocked brown sweat shorts and a drapey t-shirt paired with sandals and fedora. The man, however, rocked a shredded denim mini skirt that appropriately hit right above his knee. He paired this with a plain black T-shirt and sandals. It was so chic I couldn't believe it.
Men in skirts (kilts) is a trend that has been going on for a while on the Parisian runways, but when its taken to the street in such a way, it looks divine.
Currently on the hunt for the perfect shredded denim skirt.


just breathe

stand still for a moment.
Play them all at once for the full vibe

(Video 1: Marina Abramovic nude performance with skeleton)
(Video 2: Oxygene by Lanvin ad)
(Video 3: 'Love Can Damage Your Health' by Telepopmusik, one of my favorite songs)



I really think Menswear is becoming much more progressive and interesting then it was, say, a couple years ago when the the most unique men's piece one could find was an A-line blazer. Now, designers really have a feel for what's new, taking their men's collections to much higher places where the design is pure and the vision is fresh.

Raf Simons showed his Spring 2011 Men's collection for minimalist brand Jil Sander to much hype. The collection was a kaleidoscope of neon colors. Simple silhouettes were beautifully constructed and made interesting with a rave palette or an embroidered flower print. Sweet models walked on laced boot oxfords in a plum/blue color that mixed pleasantly with every aspect of the collection. The cleansing palette was like a sorbet, a lovely detox from the conservative suits seen around Milan Fashion Week.

Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
I'm in love with the layering and the way the long blazers hit the superb mini shorts. It's beautiful how the movement creates a color blocking of the body. A dark coat on top, with hints of neon blue and melon popping out to compliment. Such style.
Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011
The whole collections was a zap of neon burst, Warholian pop art mixed with electric comic strips from the 80's and a smooth summer vibe. You could imagine this guy at any cool party or chic happening, later pairing his pink blazer with all black for dinner with co-workers. Raf Simons is a genius with impeccable style and taste that wants to dress his men as fabulously as the Jil Sander women around them.

A little Warhol...


rose water


Alber Elbaz showed his Resort 2011 show this week for Lanvin to a small audience of buyers and friends. It is through the resort show that many fashion houses earn their steady income, because they use this 'in-between' season to make clothes that are simply 'appealing' without the wide concepts or excessive inspirations.
Lanvin showed their true classics and much more with twirly dresses, loose trenches, and much ease. Models stood on stilt-like wedges that were quite beautiful and complimentary to the sometimes over baring drapery. Although this wasn't a revolutionary collection it was a progressive and obviously beautiful extension of the iconic Lanvin wardrobe, modernized with lovely embroidery and clever styling that will leave customers floored at the two-in-one pieces (and everything else for that matter).
Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011
Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011

By far, the most clever aspect happened midway through the show, when two models appeared wearing black dresses. They then proceeded to remove them, turning the dresses inside out and then putting them on. The dresses transformed from simple black to ruffly cocktail numbers. Brillaint.
Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011
Lanvin Resort 2011
Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011
Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011Lanvin Resort 2011
Alber Elbaz, although not the master of conceptual fashion, is the pure master of desire. And that is what makes women , and men, fall to their knees for his clothes and divine accessories.
Does beauty like this ever get old?

......""" STELLA MCCARTNEY"""......

Impeccable clothing for early spring, anybody? Stella McCartney, daughter of the famous Beatle, shelled out minimalism for her resort show to beautiful results. Country prints, lacey accents, and blooming cuts showed Stella's wonderful eye for construction and balance. She proved a beautiful ensemble doesn't take much more than your perfect white pants, camel coat, and garden shoes.
Stella McCartney Resort 2011Stella McCartney Resort 2011
Stella McCartney Resort 2011

I can smell the roses.



I graduated from 8th grade Saturday afternoon in a fabulous ceremony with my stunning class of 21 people. Although it was a bitter sweet occasion, everyone was rather happy and glowing, including these two ^. I was a little sleep-deprived...
I wore my tie-dye Spring 2010 Proenza Schouler top above my mesh American Apparel collared blouse. I paired these with my classic black Jil Sander pants and strappy sandals I found on sale. You could really tell everyone's personality by their shoes.
Rebecca Looked absolutely beautiful in her purple and black lace Betsey Johnson number.
I wanted some rather trashy nails to go with my 'ensemble', and i think I achieved that goal...

The next day I celebrated with my incredible family and friends at a lovely brunch. What a weekend.

Comme des Garcons shirt

All for now