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Yesterday was the infamous Gay Pride Parade (full post on that spectacle later) which this year turned 40 years old!
The Parade was its usual spectacle of techno music, glitter, and nakedness among the insane outfits, makeup, shoes, and jewelry all of which were out of this world and beautiful. Unusually, one thing I took in mind most of all happened when we were trying to hail a cab 6 hours of dancing and parading later.
We were on the curb when a man and a women walked by us, Talia pointed out that they had traded clothes. As you could imagine, this wasn't very surprising at Pride, but when i looked I was pleasantly surprised. They looked... really cool.
The women rocked brown sweat shorts and a drapey t-shirt paired with sandals and fedora. The man, however, rocked a shredded denim mini skirt that appropriately hit right above his knee. He paired this with a plain black T-shirt and sandals. It was so chic I couldn't believe it.
Men in skirts (kilts) is a trend that has been going on for a while on the Parisian runways, but when its taken to the street in such a way, it looks divine.
Currently on the hunt for the perfect shredded denim skirt.

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