PRIDE 2010

As usual, me and the crew worked the Gay Pride Parade, but this year we were IN IT. Us and 50 other kids dancing hysterically down Belmont with flags and rainbow scarves was quite a scene. Oh, yeah, it was for our school too.

Me, Rebecca, Talia, and Maddie.
I almost decided on wearing something nicer from Marc but decided that it was HOT and way too crowded to do so. I went with my American Apparel mini-shorts, a tie-dye t-shirt I made, American Apparel metallic headband and many tacky accessories.
Good thing, because I came home covered in glitter!
It was all worth the two mile walk and overbearing heat because being in the Parade was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Even if there will be MANY more prides to come...
Overall, The whole shabang really came down to the fact that you're perfect, no matter what sexuality.
Happy Pride!
(All photos by Rebecca Lavin)

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