I don't know how I feel about M.I.A. and her politically charged music, but her latest music video 'Born Free' was rather shocking, disturbing, and gruesome. The video includes the horrible references to genocide, terrorism, and third-world countries that always appear in her tribal techno singles. This video though was rather twisted; some say brilliant, some say grotesque, some just say stupid.
Many people have called M.I.A. a hypocrite recently for reasons that I am unaware of. I heard from a friend that many don't listen to her third-world justice nonsense anymore, mainly because of her ironic status as wife to be to a multi-millionaire. who knows.
I'm all for political messaging in music, art, or fashion. Many collections by Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe ect. are infused with political undercurrents, and that is what makes them so brilliant. The video shown below I kind of loved just because it was so controversial and thorough, but while watching it I couldn't held but flinch and shrug. Is this an accurate interpretation of political propoganda today, or an over-privelaged electro artist standing out in an attempt to seem representative of her Sri-Lanka background?

(Warning: Video contains graphic content, language, and violence.)

Comme des Garcons fall 2009 military collections, inspired by the hidden emotions of war. Instead of going out and fighting, staying inside and protecting. This is one of the best creative interpretations of violence and political propaganda, that have been popping up in the work of creative people throughout the world.

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