~McQueen . R.I.P.~

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen (1969-2010). We will miss you so much.

Alexander Mcqueen, 1969-2010, was an amazing designer, one of the best to ever come around. He undoubtedly tempted the retrospective of desire, wonder, life, and fashion through his entire career. All my life i have loved fashion so, so much, living and breathing it in. Since the beginning I looked in amazement at the work of Alexander McQueen. I wondered and dreamt and sat in awe over it, looking at it a million times and watching the runway videos over and over again. It is so hard to explain the disappointment, the emotional connection with fashion one grows to have. But no matter what anyone can type or say about this misfortune, it is near impossible to explain the loss the fashion world has gone through, and the pure joy he had brought to us all through his extraordinary fashion. Alexander McQueen was purely amazing, and will always be remembered in our hearts, and in my distinct memories of why I love fashion so much. It will never again be the same without him, but It is up to us to continue his realm of daring dreams, and design, doing fashion for what you love and what makes you happy. Always know the pure genius that was put into any piece of his that you own, and work it for all that It's worth. His spirit will shine through with your step and in your sparkle.
You will always be remembered and loved, Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen. And thank you so, so much.

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