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Fashion week just started, and posts on Fall 2010 fashion are on their way. But for now, let's think about Spring 2010, which was an incredible season full of beautiful and fun clothes that could easily become staples in one's closet. There are pieces that make me want to start crying to the salesperson over them, but no matter what, I can't afford until they are probably marked down five times and thrown into some past-season dungeon. Let's take a look at my PRE-summer wishlist, assuming I have unlimited funds and all. All these twelve pieces could no-doubt be mixed with MUCH cheaper aspects of my wardrobe, because style doesn't always have to cost a head to toe fortune.

A cool pair of shorts can get you through the summer well suited. These Alex Wang shorts are a perfect fit day or night, on the street or the beach. Rock these with whatever pieces suit your fancy.

This backpack, by Alexander Wang, is beautiful and fits the slouchy
style of the summer. Carry this wherever you go and always look like
one stylish schoolboy.
This one has to be mine, the initial "A" is sign enough.

Christopher Kane t-shirt, this one is a real beauty. The psychedelic nuclear cloud print is fantastic and purely simple for the beachy, laidback life of the summer. I would love this one, just to stare at.

Christopher Kane silk biker jacket, earthier cloud print than the t-shirt above. This collection was just so beautiful and original, don't you just need a matching jacket? yes. This would be so cool day or night, very downtown and absolutely a must Fall or Spring.

This sweater,by Proenza Schouler, is a very fresh Spring 2010 showstopper. Seen in the pages of almost every editorial, it is a true beauty. You can't be too precious with this one though, it could be thrown on with flat sandals and a cheap pair of jersey shorts from H&M.

Awesome pants by Alexander Wang, mixing khaky draping with a laid-back sweatpant. Street-style to it's highest caliber. Perfect for any season, anywhere.

Wow, this sweater. Rodarte is an amazing label and this sweater is just so stunning. Hand-knit to perfection, this one is a work of art, with a hefty price-tag. This sweater could be very relaxed in the spring with shorts and a light tank underneath, or done in the fall with chunky pants and layers of ripped scarves.

Kick-ass sunglasses for an urban warrior. These are by Alexander wang with super cool zipper detail.

Beautiful Comme des Garcons brogues. Remaining classic, while still mixing textures and different leathers. Good for the day, walking the street or playing with friends.

Very cool avante- garde shoe for the night. This men's wedge is by Rick Owens and is very midnight street-style. Stomp the pavement in these.

The perfect t-shirt. Wear it with everything.

Perfect fragrance, Comme des Garcons Odeur 53. Extracts smells of plastic, nail polish, laundry, and the pure air of the mountains. Essential.

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