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Speechless. What an amazing show, one that could be called a grand work of fashion art. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte sent forth an amazing collection for Fall 2010 that was, as usual, inspired by their travels. During the sister's road trip to the Texas border, they took in the vast dreamy landscapes and observed odd factory workers in the middle of the night. This led to their inspirational concept, creating a collection around sleepwalking. The clothing was based around the idea of the 'in-between,' where does a dream end and reality set in? This question pondered the audience as crew members dazzled the runway with white confetti and began to light a wax 'shrine' of melted candles. It was time. The models came out adorned in mexican rafia work, white and cream jackets embellished with goathair, and dresses draped with sweet floral prints. Pieces were treated with textured fabrics, and tights and socks were woven with traditional mexican adornment. Models floated down the pavement in sky-high shoes with heels cleverly molded after dripping candles. A finale of pure white textured gowns resembles the wedding dresses of brides long forgotten. Finally, the lights went down and models did their final run through as the fashion world cheered. Their white garments glowing in the dark with their ghostly shoes. Guests left enlightened, realizing, as convincingly sweet as the whole thing was, there was an air of disturbance to it. Were the dreamy silhouettes that walked this show the forgotten angels of a mexican propaganda? who knows. The real question remains what will this dynamic duo do next? only time will tell, but the future looks promising.

This is a show worth watching start to finish. Sit, think, and take in the essence of this pure moment in fashion. What does this show say to you?

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