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Recently, I was generously invited to The Re-make 2010 Chicago fashion show to take notes and pictures for this here blog. The Re- Make show held the collections of ten Chicago-based designers who all constructed their looks out of recycled materials. The clothing was very nice, but the group of the people I encountered were less then friendly. Taking the chance at this 'fashion show' to seem more important than others, and not grasp the fun aspect of this unique concept. The so-called afterparty gave off snobby attitude as well. I, however, ignored them and focused on what I was there for. The designers I think overall did a good job on constructing looks out of these given materials, although some were a little lackluster. Most of the garments were oddly fitted and plainly styled, leaving the overall look more dry then inspiring. I think when working with such a great theme, and array of materials, It's important to bring drama to your look in some way. Especially when working 'green', the environment is such an active theme all around our cities that these clothes should inspire. My favorite looks and designers did somehow incorporate dramatic elements inspired by recycled materials into their looks. Some of the best included.

Other great pieces included a poufy skirt embroidered with paisly pattern, quite beautiful. A mellow white evening number, styled with chains and white fur, totally Gucci. As well as a brown jumper embroidered with thrifted doilies, which was very whimsicle. Overall the show was fun and witty, the concept I loved, and the clothes were nice, beauty and music making up for lack of styling and fit from some designers. But sour attitudes made the show stuffy and the after party even more so, snobby bartender refused drink orders and most people involved with the show appeared when I left an hour later. The evening was overall a fun celebration of fashion, and the nice people and clothes I did see made up for the rest. Although I do still wish I took pictures from the "After Party". I hope they continue this tradition in the future, because I will always gladly support anything that remains eco- friendly and fabulous at the same time.

Moi in the background.

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