It makes me so sad and angry to talk about the closing of a wildly talented friend's business, due to a shitty economy. Maria Pinto, a Chicago based fashion designer, is an amazingly talented woman who brings flavor to everything she does. Since starting her business, post studying at SAIC, she has dressed and styled some of the most powerful and confident women today. Michelle Obama and Oprah are huge fans of Maria's work. Maria's business was thriving before the drop in today's economy, opening a stunning retail space below her offices in the West Loop which she was forced to close. This past month seems to be the dead end for many fashion corners of Chicago. Before Maria, both Yves Saint Laurent and Ultimo boutique closed their doors on their exclusive Oak Street spaces.
Maria has always been so nice and generous to me and has invited me to her studio many times, of which I am so thankful. She is absolutely warm and welcoming to everyone she knows. It makes me so sad that even accomplished designers such as Maria are closing their doors due to this situation. I wish that I had visited her showroom more and had taken a greater advantage of all her designs before this, but I had always thought her clothes would be around forever. Although this situation is sad and unfortunate, I am absolutely sure Maria will one day open her doors again to the fashion world.
If you are able, please make a stop at Maria's liquidation sale (March 16th-20th) at the above address and fulfill your last chance to own such beautiful work. Visit Mariapinto.com to look at all of her collections and learn more about Maria Pinto.

Here are a few looks from Maria's surreal Spring 2010 collection.
(Click on them for a larger view of the details)

(photos courtesy of Mariapinto.com)

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